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Fighting Climate Change

Track Record of Success | Experience Matters
Robert "Rob" Katherman was elected to the Board in 2004 and brings over 30 years of experience in land use planning, environmental impact analysis and governmental and community relations. He is Chair of the Water Resources Committee and member of the Groundwater Quality Committee.


Protecting Our Natural ResourcesTaking careĀ of our water, our environment and our communities.
Quality Service To Our Customers Making sure that the needs of our customers are being met.
Invest In Needed Infrastructure Ensuring our customers receive quality water for years to come.
Protect The Public Health Ensure the quality meets all health standards.

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A Proven Advocate For Us Al!


When it comes to protecting our environment and fighting for the rights of the Water Replenishment District customers, Rob Katherman continues to be a strong advocate when he is most needed. Rob is committed to continue fighting for our communities and ensuring that the needs of our families are being met with quality water and service they can rely on.


Your vote at the ballot box is your voice and it is important that people hear you loud and clear - Re-elect Rob Katherman!